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Scarborough Clinic

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic in Scarborough
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At the Humber River Physio & Rehab in our Scarborough location, anyone is welcome to make an appointment. 


We accept most insurance, workers’ compensation claims, and personal injury cases.  Please call us so we can guide you through the process.


We also offer affordable out of pocket rates for the non-insured or extended benefits. Please arrive 10 minutes before your first scheduled appointment.


We will need you to provide us with the following if it applies:


  • Extended Health Care Insurance information.

  • A list of medications you are taking and what they are used for.

  • Insurance Claim Number / Adjuster's name and contact information if your injury is related to a Motor Vehicle Accident.

  • WSIB Claim Number / Case Manager's name and contact information if your injury is related to a Workplace Injury Accident.

Humber River Physio & Rehab
Scarborough Clinic

2025 Midland Avenue Unit 403

Scarborough, ON M1P 3E2

Tel: 416-900-3797

Monday – Friday  09:00AM – 19:00PM


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